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The Egyptian American Manufacturing Company (Omega Egypt) was established in 1989 for manufacturing submersible pumps.
* submersible Pumps powered by electrical motors.
* Turbines pumps powered by vertical electrical motors, diesel engines, or horizontal electrical motors by using gear boxes.
The Company manufactures these pumps for pumping water from wells for the all purposes:



potable water                                                                                                       


Water desalination                                                                                               


Industrial projects                                                                                                 


Contracting works (dewatering, etc)                                                                      


The annual production plane includes the following:                                       


* The production of 300 submersible pumps                                                         

* Production lines for manufacturing 300 submersible pumps
* Production lines for manufacturing 100 turbine pumps of 6 inches and 8 inches diameter cooling water or oil complete with all component
* discharge head (4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inches).

The pump parts are made of the following materials:                                    

  Grey cast iron GG25.
  Wrought cast iron GGG40 GGG60 .

Stainless steel (304 316).                                                                                   

Bronze alloys according to water salination.

The stages are internally coated with anti-abrasion paints, in order to obtain the highest mechanical efficiency